Create MailChimp Campaign in Wordpress

Create and Send MailChimp Campaigns from WordPress with Post (& CPT). Reports for each Campaign with detail statistics.

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    July 2017
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This plugin is multipurpose integration with MailChimp. It fetches all Lists, Variables and Interests groups from MailChimp account. Merge variables and interest groups can be added and delete right from Wordpress Dashboard. Once merge vars and interest groups are setup then Subscriptions Form can be generated from selected List’s variables and interest groups. All these groups are displayed on form for user choice.

This plugin also pulls all campaigns from MailChimp account and display graphical reports. It all loads reports using AngularJS UI and thus very fast. New campaigns by setting custom header title or image, Select main contents from Wordpress Posts or Pages. Live contents editing also supported. And finally make some settings regarding campaigns like Subject, List etc. Once campaign is created it can be tested before it’s actually fired.

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Last Release on January 19, 2017 with Version 5.2

Feature: Compatibility with MailChimp API 3.0 Feature: Subscription Forms new designer Feature: AutoChimp now has option to edit template Bug fixed: Some minor issue fixed


  • Newsletters (Campaigns can also sent automatically on post create)

Next Features


  • Manage MailChimp list variables and interest groups
  • Create subscription forms and widget
  • Field validation
  • Customized messages
  • Visual form designer
  • Create Newsletters
  • Multiple and custom posts in Newsletter (New)
  • Test campaigns before send
  • Track campaigns with graphical UI
  • Nice and fast admin interface with AngularJS
  • Translation ready with four languages pack: French, German, Dutch, Spanish
  • WooCommerce Subscription on Checkout
  • Subscription on Signup Form using WP Simple Registration Plugin

Form Design

All elements of form are Fully customizable using Visual Form Designer

How to use

  • Install plugin from zip file and activate it
  • Once plugin is activated you can access options from Admin -> MailChimp Campaign
  • This option panel have ten tabs. Each option is explained in detail against their titles
  • If you need any help regarding this plugin watch this video: or use comments before rating the negative remarks please.

Change Log

6.1 January 19, 2017 * Bug Fixed: site breaks on activation is fixed now 6.0 January 19, 2017 * Feature: Compatibility with MailChimp API 3.0 * Feature: Subscription Forms new designer * Feature: AutoChimp now has option to edit template * Bug fixed: Some minor issue fixed 5.2 July 12, 2016 * Feature Added: AutoChimp, Send Campaign when new post or other post types are created. 5.1 April 2, 2016 * Bug Fixed: User templates were not shown in while creating campaigns, now it's fixed. 5.0 February 19, 2016 * Create MailChimp Campaign/Newsletter with MailChimp Gallery/User Templates. Watch quick video for more detail * Bug Fixed: When API key not provided or invalid plugin will not break. * Compatibility: Checked with WP Latest version

4.6 September 17, 2015

  • Feature Added: Role base Subscription
  • Feature Added: Bulk WordPress user Subscription by Roles
  • Feature Added: Campaign Report includes links and clicks info, along with emails, languages and count for each link
  • Feature Added: Campaign Content Generator (Draggable Campaign Generator)
  • Feature Added: Campaign Header/Footer separate option
  • Feature Added: Ink Framework used for responsive Emails
  • Feature Added: Ability to change Campaign Text color and Background Colors
  • Feature Added: Ability to link Post titles with original posts in Campaigns

4.4 23 June, 2015

  • Feature Added: Multiple posts can be used as campaign content.
  • Feature Added: Custom posts can be used as campaign content.
  • Feature Added: Post excerpt option added.
  • Feature Added: Featured image of posts can also be used.
  • Bug Fixed: Loading screen added when lists are being pulled.
  • Enhanced UI button for creating new Campaign.

Change Log

4.3 6 June, 2015

  • Bug Fixed: Visual form designer not working with settings, not it.
  • Four languages translations added, Duetch, French, Spanish

4.2 3 June, 2015

  • Added visual form designer
  • Show groups list on front end.
  • Bug fixed: when no API Key provided it broke the site, now it is fixed.

4.1 May 23, 2015

  • Error handling if subscriber is already exists
  • Remove notices and warnings

4.0 May 15, 2015

  • Initial release

Additional Information & Help


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Creating subscription form
Campaigns Reports with Statistics
Visual Subscription Form Designer


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    I thought I could build and send newsletters more quickly by simply selecting my Wordpress articles with this Plugin, but this is not the case. You still have to build the Content and Design of the newsletter in Mailchimp or somewhere else and copy the code into this Plugin. Also, after creating the campain you can sent a test email, but afterwards you can't change the campain. All in all, for me the Plugin is not usefull.



    I do not like this. All I want to do is create a newsletter and send it to the folks who have signed up to receive it. I can't even get to my personal files--old newsletters, mailing list. I am not going to use Mail Chimp anymore.

      Najeeb Ahmad


      Hi Michele,

      We are providing MailChimp Addon for Wordpress. If you are not willing to use MailChimp better to provide your feedback to MailChimp not here.




    is it work if rss feed not working ?



    when will new feature lanched... is it work if rss not working 'AutoChimping - Yes in new version new post can be sent as campaign automatically'

      Najeeb Ahmad



      new version with AutoChimping will be released in mid of July 2016.



    I just installed this and it's not working at all. I'm on Wp 3.7.1, and clicking on the links to Forms Wizard and Lists Manager renders a completely blank page on both FF and IE. There is NO campaigns link.


    Anjani M.

      Najeeb Ahmad


      Hi Anjani,

      we have updated plugin, I hope it will fix all your issues.