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Use MailChimp email templates and lists to recognize achievement with official digital badges.

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    June 2017

Issue Official Digital Badges and Credentials Using MailChimp

Issue badges to any of your MailChimp or Credly lists (on-demand or at a scheduled time), and use your MailChimp templates to send beautiful notification emails.

Issuing digital badges is a powerful and visible way to acknowledge skills, knowledge and achievements. With Credly, the leading platform for issuing, sharing and managing digital badges and credentials, recipients can easily showcase the official record of their accomplishment on social and professional networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

And with the Credly for MailChimp integration, issuers can put the weight of their brand front and center when issuing digital badges. Leverage the relationship management power of MailChimp to award official digital credentials through Credly to the right people at the right time.

Recognizing achievement has never been easier -- or more beautiful.

Use Credly for MailChimp to:

  • Send new badge notifications using your own MailChimp email templates
  • Easily bulk issue badges to members of any MailChimp or Credly list
  • Schedule badge delivery for a specific date and time
  • Track your badge campaign through MailChimp and Credly Reports

Feature highlights include:

  • Digital badges are personalized and officially verified by the issuer
  • Organizers can track and analyze where people share MailChimp-issued badges through MailChimp and Credly reports
  • Badges shared on social media and professional networks can redirect to the issuer's website, helping attract new earners while putting the credibility of their brand behind each badge
  • Credly badges are compatible with the Open Badges standard

There are many ways to use the Credly for MailChimp integration:

  • Put your brand front and center and add context to your badge notification emails
  • Issue sharable Credly badges to acknowledge new members of your community
  • Issue badges to people who register for or attend your events
  • Reward loyal customers with limited edition badges
  • Endless badge-issuing potential with other MailChimp integrations
  • Magnify the impact of campaigns as recipients proudly share badges on social networks
  • And so much more ...

All you need is MailChimp and a Credly Pro account.

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See a video tour of the integration: Video Tour.

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Insert official digital badges into any of your MailChimp email templates and issue them to recipients from any MailChimp List.
MailChimp and Credly Reports provide valuable and actionable insights into how recipients engage with issued badges and credentials
Insert placeholders for your badge image, save and share button or link into any MailChimp email template


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