Innovative way to collect subscriber data in real time using your smartphone connected to your MailChimp lists.

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"As business owners we all recognize that building out our network and the relationships within that network are key to success. Using mobile devices and technology from Cazoomi can help you build a targeted list of email subscribers, which is the true opportunity in the mobile market." ~ Clint Wilson, CEO Cazoomi

Using Datafield anyone can capture subscriber email on your iPhone, iPad and Android.

Build an email registration form on your smartphone or tablet and automatically sync new leads & contacts to your MailChimp mailing list!

Key Features:

Overall Benefits • Build your mailing list faster! • Apply smart segmentation to your prospects and customers • Generate more lead... faster! • Eliminate manual data entry • Stop using paper to collect emails and contact details • Be unique! Use the latest digital tool in your operation • Save time managing your contact data by integrating MailChimp with Datafield. No more double entry needed! • Create targeted, timely marketing campaigns by segmenting your contacts based on their preferences • Cloud based so your team has access from anywhere.


Step 1: Create your registration form on Datafield

Step 2: Launch and fill in registration forms on Datafield mobile application

Step 3: Set up the MailChimp Sync using Cazoomi SyncApps and set up sync between MailChimp and Datafield

2 Weeks Free Trial


After you create your account, you get instant access to all Sync Profiles for 14 days & we don't require a credit card during the trial, so you get to try Cazoomi risk-free.

If you haven't upgraded yet within the 14 days trial, our Cazoomi team will send you an email reminder before your trial ends so you will still have some time to choose one of our three subscription plans. (Institutional discounts: 50% off all pricing plans)

*Institutions include education, government, and non-profit organizations; universities and colleges are also eligible to participate in the SyncApps discount programs.

When you choose the subscription plan that is right for you, your account will be instantly upgraded.

That’s it! You can then start capturing subscriber emails into your MailChimp account!

Want to see how it works? Check out our detailed tutorial


SyncApps: $9.99/month/company

Datafield:(Free, $49, $99 and $299) are available depending on the how much data you collect.

Full Pricing Plans

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