Boingnet Marketing Automation: Direct Mail & PURLs

Build pURLs, forms, landing pages & microsites for direct mail, web, and email and campaigns from your MailChimp lists.

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    September 2015

Boingnet is a lightweight marketing automation platform for marketers and agencies. Build high converting pURL landing pages and microsites for direct mail, email and SMS campaigns using Boingnet.

Use MailChimp lists to quickly generate pURLs in Boingnet to give your next direct mail, email or SMS campaign a personalized, trackable online response feature. Build a beautiful landing page or microsite in Boingnet to act as the online hub of your campaign, assign it to any URL and set up easy automation features.


  1. Import your MailChimp list directly into Boingnet easily using your MailChimp API Key

  2. Use your MailChimp list to generate pURLs, personalized landing pages and microsites in Boingnet to anchor your direct mail, email or SMS campaign

  3. Set up drip campaigns to nuture your leads that respond to your pURLs created with MailChimp.

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