DNN MailChimp Add-on for Action Form

DNN MailChimp Add-on is an Action Form extension that provides an easy way to add subscribers to a MailChimp list.

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  • Developer
    DNN Sharp
  • Last Updated
    July 2016

Badass Features You Only Get With DNN MailChimp Add-on

Plug 'n Play Installation

With DNN MailChimp Add-on there is no requirement for setup time. Simply download and install it and you are good to go!

Seamlessly Integrated with Action Form

DNN MailChimp Add-on is built to work right out of the box and is tightly integrated with Action Form (v. 03.03.02+) so you don't have to worry about conflicts or core upgrades later.

Ridiculously Easy Setup

Just input your MailChimp API key and your List Name and you are ready to start.

Complex Workflows

DNN MailChimp Add-on can collect and add subscribers to your email marketing lists automatically in complex workflows.

Choose List Data

This option allows you to select which data to pass to MailChimp by mapping a field name to the MailChimp list fields.

Conditional Action

You can write a condition that will determine at submit time either the Subscribe to MailChimp action will get executed or not.

Select The Email Field

You have the option to manually select the email field in the form should be used to subscribe to MailChimp

Yep, It’s Responsive

DNN MailChimp got your back! The template available is responsive which means it will self-adapt to the device your visitor is using.

Subscribe Form

If you need a simple signup form for your MailChimp account, then DNN MailChimp Add-on is your ticket.

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DNN MailChimp Add-on for Action Form Settings


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