DPD Shopping Cart Integration

Automatically add buyers from your DPD store to a specified MailChimp list.

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    November 2015
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Once enabled in your DPD account, DPD will automatically pass buyer information to MailChimp once they complete checkout.

DPD will collect and pass information for two types of sales:

  1. Regular Sales
  2. Free Products that have "Collect Customer Info" activated.

DPD will pass the following information:

  • Email (obviously)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip / Postal Code
  • Country

You can then use this information in merge tags, to segment your list, etc.

To activate the integration in DPD you only need to copy and paste your MailChimp notification URL in to your Store Setup for the list you want to send customers to.

Note: If your list does not have address fields you will need to create them if you want this information stored with your list. However, this is optional.

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MailChimp DPD Integration List Location
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    Dear Mailchimp fellow users.

    On the outside, product looks good. But the real problem is support. Really bad!

    Poor & not responsive. This is nothing to compare to the quality support you would get from Mailchimp.

    And when you need support for your shopping cart, you do not want to wait for days.