Drupal MailChimp and Mandrill Integration

Drupal integration for your favorite marketing and transactional email services.

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TheMailChimp Drupal integration is two projects, the core MailChimp module and a standalone project for Mandrill.


The Drupal integration for MailChimp makes your email delivery world efficient, and your user's email receipt and control simple and precise. The integration module is actually a suite of modules, each offering a unique feature. The core module provides all of the API integration functionality, and the ability to add your MailChimp API key and set a few settings. The other features are broken into sub-modules. Now supported in Drupal 8!

  • Activity: Track MailChimp activity history for any email address in Drupal.
  • Campaign: Create campaigns containing any Drupal entity as content, send them, and view statistics.
  • Lists: Any “fieldable” Drupal Entity with an email address can be connected to any number of MailChimp Lists, and subscription is controlled by editing the entity. Map token, field, and property values to your MailChimp merge fields. Allow users to subscribe during registration, or other Entities to be subscribed during creation.
  • Signup: Anonymous sign up forms for newsletter subscriptions. Standalone subscribe and unsubscribe forms as pages or blocks.


The Mandrill module allows site emails to be sent through the Mandrill transactional email service rather than your webserver. This ensures deliverability, allows for great-looking emails across all email clients, and provides reporting on what emails were sent, whether they were opened, and any links that were clicked.


  • Use HTML email templates rather than plain text emails. Send emails asynchronously for increased performance.
  • Track all email activity for Drupal users, or any other entity in Drupal that has an email address, E.g., RedHen Contacts.
  • Graphical reports for all Mandrill activity are accessible within Drupal.

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    Richard Schulte


    A very keen refactoring for D7! This is quite an excellent starting point for some powerful functionality.