Dynamics CRM & MailChimp Subscribers Synchronizer

The new way of working MailChimp & Dynamics CRM together.Just sync subscribers between MailChimp & Dynamics CRM

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    Volitek Solutions
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    March 2016

Traditionally companies will export a list from their CRM database and then import that list into their e-mail marketing tool. Every time they want to send out a marketing campaign via e-mail, they will go through this process. Bizminers offers Dynamics CRM & MailChimp Subscribers Synchronizer to make it easy.

Features:-Sync bi-directional your Dynamics CRM leads, accounts and contacts with MailChimp list members -You can choose MailChimp Lists to sync -Easy to use -You can select leads, accounts or contacts for sync -Anytime you update your contacts, leads and accounts in CRM, it will be updated in MailChimp -MailChimp subscribers easily sync with your Dynamics CRM as lead, account and contact

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