e-conomic to MailChimp

Exports and syncs email addresses of the e-conomic customer's clients and imports/updates them with MailChimp lists.

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    February 2015
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This turn-key solution allows MailChimp and e-conomic users to synchronize their clients emails with MailChimp list(s). Following features are supported:

  • Sync e-conomic account emails with the MailChimp subscribers lists.
  • New or updated e-conomic customer emails will be automatically added or updated in MailChimp
  • Communication with clients customers quickly and easily
  • Tracking customer's reaction to emails/ newsletters with analytics features of the MailChimp

Thus, e-conomic users have a way to better automate their email marketing and boost email communication to their own clients and customers using MailChimp.


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Activating e-conomic to MailChimp integration
Setting up e-conomic to MailChimp integration


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    Wery difficult to get it to work....