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The Best MailChimp Plugin For WordPress. Add Highly Converting MailChimp Widgets, Optin Forms & Popups To WordPress.

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title: Optin Cat MailChimp WordPress Plugin summary: The Best MailChimp Plugin For WordPress. Add Highly Converting MailChimp Widgets, Optin Forms & Popups To WordPress.

The "Optin Cat" MailChimp - WordPress plugin integrates two of the most powerful web-based tools for businesses and marketers: MailChimp, the market leading email marketing tool, and WordPress, the most powerful blogging and content management system (CMS).

Trusted by more than 7000 users, Optin Cat's MailChimp WordPress plugin lets you integrate MailChimp & WordPress with ease.

Optin Cat for MailChimp lets you add highly converting, beautiful, opt-in & sign-up forms to your WordPress site in minutes.

Why choose Optin Cat for MailChimp?

Easily Integrate MailChimp And WordPress

Setting up this plugin takes only two minutes. Simply install Optin Cat for MailChimp, connect the plugin to MailChimp and deploy a gorgeous looking email optin form.

Grow Your List Faster

Not only do our signup forms look great, they are also optimized for list growth.

The Optin Cat MailChimp WordPress plugin was built by experienced marketers and comes with conversion rate optimization best practices built-in. All our MailChimp optin forms are built to convert, resulting in faster list growth for our users.

Design Your MailChimp Forms From WordPress

Our plugin comes with a powerful & super easy "what you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) form editor, that lets you change all aspects of your form (colors, text, etc...) without requiring you to write a single line of code.

Get More Subscribers With Targeted MailChimp Popups

The Optin Cat WordPress plugin lets you add powerful email popups to your site. Our powerful popup targeting engine lets you display popups only when your visitors are most likely to convert.

Or, you can target people only when they're about to leave your site ("exit intervention").

Most of our users who add popups to their site see an immediate boost in email signups, usually in the 100%-200% range.

Highly Effective MailChimp Widgets For Your Blog's Sidebar

Optin Cat lets you add beautiful MailChimp Widgets to your WordPress sidebar with ease. These signup forms are an easy win for any blog or website. If you haven’t added an optin to your sidebar you’re defintely missing out on email subscribers.

Gorgeus Signup Forms

Using Optin Cat, you can add beautiful MailChimp signup forms to any WordPress page or post. You can even automatically add signup forms at the bottom of every blogposts, or blogposts of a specific category.

This drives a lot of email opt-ins since visitors are much more likely to opt-in after they've read a post that they liked.

Boost Conversions With Two-Step Opt-ins For WordPress

The latest rage with advanced marketers, “Two-Step Optins” are optin forms that will only be displayed after your visitor clicks a hyperlink. This results in more signups that in traditional signup forms. The Optin Cat MailChimp / WordPress integration is the only MailChimp WordPress plugin that supports Two-Step Opt-ins.

Detailed Analytics & Insights

Optin Cat automatically tracks form conversions and impressions ("views"), so you can make better decisions. Based on this data, you'll be able to build better & more effective MailChimp signup widgets, resulting in faster list growth.

Get More Signups With Content Upgrades

Our "Content Upgrades" feature lets you send automated welcome emails containing optin gifts / optin baits after people opt in on your site straight from WordPress.

This is great if you want to set up specific offers for individual blog posts or landing pages. For example, on a blogpost on building business dashboards you could offer a downloadable spreadsheet template if users enter their email address.

Incredible Support

Do you have any questions? This WordPress plugin comes with fast & friendly email support, as well as with an in-depth knowledgebase. All support queries are answered by tech-savvy staff with tons of WordPress experience.

Money Back Guarantee

Trusted by more than 7000 people, we believe that Optin Cat is the best MailChimp WordPress plugin on the market. We built this plugin to scratch our own itch - we simply couldn't find a MailChimp - WordPress integration that was both easy to use and powerful.

But, should you for any reason not be absolutely happy with your purchase, we'll happily refund all of your money with 60 days of purchase.

Ready to both save a bunch of time and grow your email list? Click here to learn more about Optin Cat.

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    This is hands down the easiest plugin out there to connect your Wordpress site with Mailchimp. More than just being easy though, it's really feature-packed in all the right ways allowing you to determine exactly where and when optin forms fire on your site - making sure not to annoy customers when you shouldn't be, but also making sure to collect email addresses when most advantageous. I love OptinCat!



    I have installed this Plugin and it shows the conversions in the wordpress dashboard. However its not adding the subscribers to the list on my mailchimp account.



    I use this Plugin for my blog and I'm really happy with it.

    Looks good and works great AND is easy to use.

    Highly recommended.



    Hi I use Easy Optins for mailchimp by Optin Cat on all of my websites and I always recommend it to friends because it's awesome!!!

    • it helps me to build up my list and grow it fast with really good features (like the content upgrades it works like a charm and provides huge value for my readers)
    • it works great on wordpress, just install the plugin and it's intuitive
    • simple and zen design
    • the integration with Mailchimp is so easy and it works. It would have cost me much more if Optincat didn't exist.

    I met the founder of FatCat Apps, David, and he's a really brilliant guy.

    I love Optin Cat for Wordpress and Mailchimp