Automatically sync and import the participants of the promotion into a list of MailChimp subscribers.

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    September 2014

Easypromos is the easiest and most complete tool for creating contests and promotions. As a social leads generator, our app allows to attract new followers to your brand, loyalize existing ones and amplify your marketing message.

If you plan to use emails obtained during the promotion for communication actions, the integration of Easypromos with MailChimp makes this easy for you: with just one click you can sync your promotion database with a list of MailChimp contacts.

What actions can be carried out?

  1. Export and manually sync the emails of promotion participants with any MailChimp email list.
  2. Program the automatic synchronization of participants’ emails with the desired MailChimp list.
  3. Map the fields of the promotion’s registration form to the fields of the MailChimp list.

Easypromos’ MailChimp integration allows users to:

  1. Automatically increase your list of subscribers: By integrating MailChimp with your social promotions and contests you can greatly increase the potential of your email marketing strategy. With just one click, all the promotion participants will be in your MailChimp lists!

  2. Keep your lists of subscribers updated: With every promotion you organize you can set it so that the application itself automatically syncs all the email addresses of participants with your MailChimp lists.

  3. Send auto-responder messages to your participants: Create email lists which are specific to your social promotions and customize the message that will be sent automatically to all registered users.

  4. Create lists of targeted subscribers: With a promotion you can easily segment information about participants: age, sex, country, city, post code, etc. Take advantage of this classification to obtain perfectly segmented email lists for subscribers.

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