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Add Email Booster to your eCommerce site and dramatically increase new signups directly into MailChimp.

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    Conversions On Demand
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    November 2014

Letting customers slip through your fingers?

Are you making the most of email - the single most profitable marketing channel? Especially with the holidays around the corner, you need to capture shoppers' emails today. Conversions On Demand now has an easy way to do that: the Email Booster app for your ecommerce website.

The Email Booster app: • Non-intrusive widget, as opposed to an intrusive lightbox. • Displays on multiple pages during a visit, increasing the capture rate. • Records the page on which an email address was captured.

Why is the ability to display on any page so important? You'll collect more emails, and from more qualified prospects, when you capture emails from more than just the homepage. Our tests show that 40% of email addresses are actually captured on product pages. Common scenarios: A shopper who wants to build trust in your store before giving their email, or a shopper who didn't find what they needed, but wants to be informed about future deals.

Why is the ability to capture the page URL so important? Email Booster collects and reports the page URL for each captured email. You can use this to create targeted product or category follow-up email campaigns.


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Just a few clicks and the email widget shown below is collecting signups on all your store pages.


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