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Zapier's Excel integration connects your spreadsheets to MailChimp, performing all your tedious data entry for you.

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    April 2016

Never Import/Export Subscribers Again

These connections called Zaps can be up and running in minutes and need no programming expertise. Using these Zapier will monitor any Excel spreadsheets you need, automatically adding or removing subscribers when you add new rows, as well as creating new rows or updating them with any new MailChimp data like subscribers or campaigns. You can set them up from scratch on Zapier, or start reclaiming your time today with these popular Zaps:

Need More Power?

  • With Multi-Step Zaps any number of Actions can follow your Trigger event, allowing you to completely automate your workflows. Log new subscribers on Excel while reaching out to them with personal emails, add subscribers from new Excel spreadsheet rows while also populating your CRM—all with a single Zap.
  • Get precise control over your automation with Filters, allowing you to specify exactly what triggers your workflows, like only adding subscribers from new spreadsheet rows if certain key words or values are found.
  • Search Actions allow you to intelligently look up new respondent information based on names or emails: Find out public information on new subscribers and log it on Excel for rich context, or check if they've already been added elsewhere on your system to determine which list they should be added to.

The best part is that your MailChimp-Excel integrations work with over 500 other apps, bringing your data together across popular platforms like Gmail, Google Calendar, Podio, Slack, Google Forms, Trello, Google Contacts, and more.

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