Exsalerate CRM

Integrate your Exsalerate CRM with MailChimp. Prepare & Send Contacts, Activity Creation. View Campaign Stats.

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    February 2015

Prepare & Send Contacts

Export your contact details to MailChimp Lists at the click of a button. A new dashboard menu for Email Campaigns allows you to prepare a list of contacts to send to MailChimp, and also provides a direct link to your campaign allowing you to view your MailChimp campaign summary statistics.

Automatic Activity Creation at Campaign Send.

When you’ve pushed your contacts to a MailChimp list, Exsalerate then listens out for you to send your campaign via MailChimp. Once sent, each customer will have a new activity record showing the open statistics and providing a direct link to your campaign.

What is Exsalerate?

Exsalerate is simple, effective, affordable CRM application designed with the small to medium business in mind. Exsalerate CRM will increase sales and improve client retention. It is all in the cloud, logon from any device anywhere. Exsalerate will become your reps’ best friend Exsalerate provides you with tools to optimise your sales process All for only $30/month for the first five seats

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