MailChimp's Facebook integration makes it easy to add a signup form to your Facebook page.

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    July 2014
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Having your subscribe form connected to your Page is especially useful because it keeps your Fans from having to leave Facebook, or even your page, to sign up for your list. When you make things easy for your Fans and followers, they’re more likely to take action. And since they don’t have to leave Facebook, this makes your page more interactive and more sticky with very little additional effort.

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    Andrew Cadie

    - 04/24/2013

    I'm struggling with this, as it automatically adds your personal profile and the instructions on the website telling me how to change it to the 'page' I intended to link to don't work! It's proving very difficult to get rid of the link.

    Deb Goldberg

    - 05/11/2013

    The first step happens without the steps outlined in the tutorial. Account is verified quickly and the next step, configuring, does not present.


    - 06/25/2013

    I can not get to the configuration page. every time I try it takes me to the page that tells you how to set it up. It is a lot different than what is explained and I can not figure it out. Even going through Facebook to try and configure the subscriber box just takes me to the directions page.

    Romy Sommer

    - 06/27/2013

    Your Facebook App stinks. It doesn't do waht it says on the label.

    Sarah Kidd

    - 07/09/2013

    How can I learn how to use this if the "Learn More" links don't work? And the blog post is dated from 2010. FYI, it's 2013. It shouldn't be in beta for over 4 years.


    - 09/30/2013

    Tried this today but not working. The integration button on facebook still grey and idle.

    Lara Blunt

    - 10/04/2013

    I have spent most of the afternoon trying to connect mailChimp to one of my Facebook pages. It keeps defaulting to my personal Facebook page. I've followed every step on your site but it still keeps defaulting to my personal page. Our business relies on social media and its held up the launch of one of our new products. Can you PLEASE HELP!!