Facebook Custom Audience Sync

Synchronize a MailChimp list with a Facebook custom audience automatically.

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    June 2016
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Using Stamplay, it is possible to automatically synchronize a MailChimp list with a Facebook custom audience. And it just takes 5 minutes and 2 steps to do it at a very convenient price.

Stamplay is a cloud platform that gives web developers superpowers to create modern apps without coding the server-side logic. You can create powerful hacks like this in just few minutes and you do not have to worry about managing the software or scaling the infrastructure: we take care of everything.

If you need more features in this integration, just drop us a line and we will be happy to implement them :)

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    The dashboard in stamplay no longer looks like the one in this video (there is no "tasks" icon, so it is a waste time to try to set it up, using the video to a guide.



    ok parece que funciona