Facebook Lead Ads Integration

Zapier automatically captures leads from your Facebook Lead Ads to create or update MailChimp subscribers for you.

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Never Export Again

Zapier makes it easy to set up an automatic connection between your Facebook Lead Ads and MailChimp—no coding required.

These connections, called Zaps, monitor any Facebook Lead Ad you have. Whenever someone fills out your ad form, Zapier will either create a new subscriber on any MailChimp list you need or automatically update an existing match with any new details.

Start marketing to your engaged leads faster and with less work than ever before!

Broadcast Your Data

  • With Multi-Step Zaps you can set up Zaps to send your Facebook Lead Ad form submissions to MailChimp and other apps at the same time. Get notifications for each new subscriber, send personalized emails, create tasks, and more!
  • Filters will only add subscribers to your mailing list when they respond in certain ways, or come from specific domains.
  • Use Search Actions to look up public information on your leads or check your CRM for them and qualify them for your mailing lists.

Try it out now:

Looking for something else? Explore other MailChimp and Facebook Lead Ads integrations or make your own custom zap.

Get started today to connect Facebook Lead Ads and MailChimp subscribers to over 500 apps, like Trello, Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, and more.

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