Fishbowl Prizes

Put a Fishbowl on your site, Capture email addresses in exchange for prize giveaways. Emails populate into MailChimp.

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  • Developer
    Fishbowl Prizes, Inc.
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    March 2016

Fishbowl Prizes puts a Fishbowl on your Website same as retail stores and restaurants have had on their counters for centuries. Your website visitors drop their card (enter their email address) for a chance to win a great prize you offer.

Pricing from $0 to $99/month.

  • Offer Prize Giveaways on Your Store

  • Capture Email Addresses from Your Website Visitors

  • Turn Visitors into Customers

*Prize Giveaways are the most effective way to capture valuable customer email addresses.

Check out this demo video:

Start your first Prize Giveaway now!

Fishbowl's Social Sharing: Makes your giveaway go viral with incentives for social sharing.

Benefit from the Fishbowl Marketplace: Every store that’s running a Giveaway with Fishbowl Prizes will also have their draw featured in the Fishbowl Marketplace so that everyone can benefit from each other’s prize giveaways.

Start Collecting Email Addresses in 3 Quick Steps...

  1. Create an account

  2. Detail your Prize Giveaway

  3. Put the Fishbowl on Your website with a small snippet of code

Now simply sit back and watch your email list grow.

The Fishbowl Marketplace: All merchants who have Fishbowls are in the Fishbowl Prizes Marketplace where thousands of users click to win great prizes and you collect their email addresses.<p>Merchants benefit from the Prize Giveaways that others are running and gain new customers from people who see their giveaways and enter their draws.

View the Fishbowl Marketplace:

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