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An easiest and powerful form making solution that also collects payments. Do easy email marketing with MailChimp.

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    Magnet Brains Pvt. Ltd
  • Last Updated
    October 2014

FormGet is a simple and powerful form building solution. It also helps to collect payments via forms. Besides, it provides easy lead management operation. And, helps to communicate your clients, faster. With FormGet, anyone can create form very easily. It doesn’t require any coding skill. One can style form according to their wish. It has pre-built templates, with the help of it, you can design forms in different colors. Also, one can show branding with the help of logos and banner images on forms.

The application interface is very easy and you can make forms in few clicks. It’s a guarantee! After designing the form, you can, easily embed the forms on website or share the form on multiple networks. Then, capture the leads via form and store it on one place.

With it, the data is also stored in your MailChimp dashboard. From here, you can do fast and easy email marketing.

Other than this, it helps to do easy lead management operations. These are given below:

  1. Replying user’s queries fast and easy. Like a live chat!
  2. Assigning form queries to agent.
  3. Automatic filtration of resolved, pending, unresolved queries in a click.
  4. Store chat messages.
  5. Helps to analyze product buying behavior.

Other Features of FormGet:

  • Easy to make online payment collection forms
  • It has powerful dashboard that stores leads data at one place
  • Track user’s & form analytics, like number of form views, user’s country, Ip address, os.
  • Use different types of forms like- Forms on sidebar widget, lightbox tabbed forms.

In fact, Tabbed form is the easiest way to grow your leads. You can get the leads data from every page of your website using it. This way, you can optimize your conversion rate.

FormGet + MailChimp integration is done to benefit users. With FormGet, you can build your forms and manage leads. With MailChimp, you can do email marketing and track it’s result.

It’s very simple and easy. Requires only $9.95. So, get huge profits in less cost!

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