FotoZap: Photo Sharing for Brands

Capture branded photos of your event guests and customers. Grow your MailChimp lists and create social media sharing.

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    November 2014

Capture Branded Photo at Events

Capture branded photos and videos for your customers and event guests. Guests receive their photo and share it together with your brand message. Create social word-of-mouth marketing and collect leads for your brand.

You or your staff can use the FotoZap app to capture photos or videos of guests on an iPad, Android Camera, phone, or Photo Kiosk.

Deliver captured images to guests in a variety of ways:

  1. Type in the guest's email address to send the photo as a customized email

  2. Type in the guest's mobile phone number to send by SMS text message

  3. Scan and hand the guest a branded Photo Access Card. Each card contains a unique code.

  4. Use an AirPrint printer to print out the guest's branded photo. Each glossy photo includes a unique URL and QR code that provides access to the online photo.


  • Engage your guests onsite with a free photo enhanced with special-effects

  • Automatically save emails to your MailChimp account and collect other survey responses

  • Consumers promote your brand on social networks as they share their photo or video with friends

  • Drive traffic to your online offers

FotoZap is Photo Sharing for Brands.

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