FullContact Card Reader

Scan business cards & add them to a MailChimp list with an iPhone or Android photo

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    September 2015

FullContact Card Reader lets you scan business card data into MailChimp and more than 250 other apps using your iPhone or Android device.

Working a trade show, or promoting your company at an event? Meet someone in an elevator who expressed interest in your newsletter? Snag their business card and automatically add them to whichever MailChimp list you choose.

No need for custom coding - just sign in with your MailChimp account & get started!

To Use This Integration

  1. Sign up for MailChimp
  2. Download FullContact Card Reader from Google Play or the iOS App Store.
  3. Use our pre-made Zapier template to scan your stack of business cards into MailChimp.

That's it!

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