GC MailChimp EX PRO

GC MailChimp EX PRO is a premium Wordpress plugin that allows you to generate leads into your lists with 1-click

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  • Developer
    GetConversion / eRise
  • Last Updated
    August 2014

How GC MailChimp EX PRO helps your website

Personalize your communication by powering up your GC Message Bar and GC Message Box Wordpress plugins with this smart email subscription extension. Use your own words and build a more smoother subscriber acquisition process. Add a Call To Action subscribe button and increase your conversion rates. Triple your subscribers with this easy to customize opt in solution.

Designed for Lead Generation

  • Generating leads
  • Capturing subscribers
  • Converting visitors into your funnel
  • Promoting free offers
  • Personalizing communication
  • Subscribing within a post

Main Features

  • Available for GC Message Bar and GC Message Box
  • Subscription for MailChimp lists
  • Edit message, placeholder and button label
  • Modify error and success messages
  • Enable First name and Last name fields
  • MailChimp Subscription API settings
  • Content / form layouts
  • Subscribe to multiple lists with 1-click
  • Auto close on subscription success
  • Style and color settings for all items

Additional Information & Help


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