Glew Ecommerce Analytics

Glew helps you generate more revenue, cultivate loyal customers and optimize product strategy.

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What does Glew include?

Customer Insights: Uncover opportunities to target your best customers, or to win back At Risk or Lost customers. Pinpoint your Customer Acquisition Cost to maximize your channel and campaign performance.

Merchandise Analytics: Generate ecommerce insights that drive revenue growth. From bundling to product profitability, Glew gives you analytics specifically for ecommerce stores so that you can identify actionable merchandising opportunities.

Performance Reporting: Bring together information from your ecommerce platform, analytics tools and advertising sources to help you understand key performance indicators across your business and maximize your store’s profitability.

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Customer Detail Page in Glew
Customer Segmentation in Glew
Individual Product Detail Page in Glew
Product Segments in Glew


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