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Automatically adds tracking tags and then displays results in MailChimp campaign reports

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    June 2017
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Check one box, and MailChimp will add Google Analytics tracking codes to your email campaign links, so you can find out exactly how many visits, conversions and sales your campaign generated.

The email campaign stats are accessible directly in your Google Analytics reports, or MailChimp can pull the relevant data from Google Analytics and insert it back into your campaign reports—that way, you can instantly see specific campaign results and ROI in a single report, right inside the MailChimp application.

Combine your Google Analytics stats with your MailChimp email reports, so you can instantly see: ROI for the campaign (if eCommerce tracking is enabled), conversion rate, revenue generated, page views as a result of the campaign, bounce rate for site visits, and goals completed.

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    This integration works perfectly well, thanks for this!



    Works Ok. I wish it is more user friendly.

    Louise G


    What he said (Greg) Basic step by step basic instructions in a singular location with Google analytics involved so it the two sites offer the same information. I am relatively new to this area and after a being delighted that mail chimp was so straight forward (and having a basic grasp of google analytics)....I still am unsure if I have to add google integration (link tracking) from google or mail chimp or both!



    Greg hit the nail on the head. WOuld be really great if the MailChimp articles used Google Analytics terminology so that you'd know how MailChimp Campaigns are ingested by Google Analytics.



    I am in despair of understanding from mailchimp or from google what steps I am supposed to take. Just a BASIC version from each/either/both Google and Mailchimp, leaving bells and whistles later on would be great.



    It would be great to see a step by step instructions about the integration. There is some complications in the reports from GA after I integrated it to Mailchimp.

    Greg Moore


    I like MailChimp a lot. Although I know Google Analytics well, I had a little confusion about the MailChimp / Google Analytics integration.

    I request that MailChimp have a single article on this topic, with step by step instructions. My impression is that currently these instructions are contained in a few pages, making it difficult for me to tell what to do, and whether I've done everything.

    Also it would be Chimp-A-Licious if such a step by step guide was edited by a Google Analytics person, so that the step by step instructions used words and terms that Google Analytics people are already familiar with. If you talk using my language I'll understand with ease.