Google Contacts Integration

Set up automatic connections between Google Contacts and MailChimp to keep your address book and mailing lists updated.

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All your contacts and lists together

Use Zapier’s Google Contacts-MailChimp integration to ensure both your address book and mailing list have the latest information at all times with automatic workflows. New mailing list subscribers can be added to Google Contacts whenever they are detected, and you can have new subscribers added to lists matching your Google Contacts groups whenever you add a new contact.

Need even more control?

  • Combine actions with Multi-Step Zaps to create powerful automated workflows, like adding a contact on Google Contacts, unsubscribing them from one mailing list and adding them to another, all in one go.
  • Use MailChimp Search Actions to look for subscribers to match new Google Contacts, updating their MailChimp profile information or subscribing them if they don’t already exist.
  • Google Contacts Search Actions can also work in the same way, checking if a contact already exists when a new list subscriber is detected and either updating them or creating a new contact with MailChimp’s profile information automatically.

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