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Add MailChimp subscribers/unsubscribers from Google Sheets rows or send them to a spreadsheet when they sign up.

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Capture and process every subscriber

Zapier makes it easy to take data from a new or updated Google Sheets row and automatically create a new subscriber in any MailChimp list, react to MailChimp subscribers and automatically send their details to a spreadsheet, or log your unsubscribers as new rows.

Need even more power?

  • Combine actions with Multi-Step Zaps to create powerful automated workflows, like logging new unsubscribers from one list on a spreadsheet and adding them to another all at once.
  • Use MailChimp Search Actions to look for an email from new/updated spreadsheet rows, adding new personal details or adding them as new subscribers to any list if they don't exist; you can also automate your list management by subscribing/unsubscribing users based on spreadsheet data.
  • Google Sheets Search Actions look through your spreadsheets for emails to match new subscribers, either retrieving all their other personal details stored on that row or creating a new one on the fly.

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