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Zapier automatically captures Google Forms responses to subscribe and unsubscribe MailChimp users for you.

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Say Goodbye to Manual Exports

With Zapier you won't ever have to copy respondent data out of your Google Forms again—connections called Zaps will do it all for you.

Set up in minutes and with no coding experience, these Zaps will watch your Google Forms for new or updated responses, automatically subscribing new respondents or even unsubcribing them from any your lists. Let automation keep your audience organized and segmented while you're free to focus on the bottom line.

Start reclaiming your time with these effort-saving Zaps today:

Beyond Automated Exports

  • Multi-Step Zaps let you set up automated workflows with any number of Actions following your Google Forms Trigger event. Add your respondents to your CRM and mailing lists while also thanking them with an email, or unsubscribe them from a general list and subscribe them to one for respondents when they reach out, all in a single workflow.
  • Filters give you granular control by only letting your workflows run when certain conditions are met, like only subscribing respondents if they answer a certain way or mention specific terms in their response.
  • Search Actions allow you to intelligently look up new respondent information based on names or emails: Check if Google Forms respondents had ever answered another form before, or look up your respondents on MailChimp to check if they're already on a list, and which one.

You can make your own custom Zaps from scratch, or explore existing MailChimp-Google Forms integrations.

Get started today to connect Google Forms and MailChimp subscribers to over 500 apps, like Gmail, Google Calendar, Podio, Slack, Trello, Google Contacts, and more.

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