Build targeted MailChimp lists based on usage behaviour of your users and customers in GoSquared.

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    December 2015

The GoSquared MailChimp integration enables you to build targeted lists of your users and customers in MailChimp based on the advanced analytics and data you can collect in GoSquared.

Build Smart Groups for groups of similar users

Use GoSquared to build up Smart Groups of your users. For example, find:

  • Paying customers who are yet to try out a new feature you just rolled out.
  • Users on a trial but who haven't upgraded yet.
  • Customers who have used a specific feature more than ten times in the last month.

Send better emails

The GoSquared MailChimp integration enables you to build Smart Groups in GoSquared and instantly send the users within those groups over to MailChimp as a new list, so you can send a relevant and timely email to them easily.

Centralise your user and customer data

The GoSquared MailChimp integration also enables you to understand your users and customers better. GoSquared brings all your user data together in one place, connecting with email services, support desks, and billing systems, as well as tracking in-app and on-site user behaviour.

The GoSquared MailChimp integration automatically tracks the lists your users and customers are subscribed to so you can find users based on which lists they're on.

Get started completely free

GoSquared is available for free – just sign up for a completely unlimited 14 day trial, and your first 100 users tracked are totally free of charge. Our affordable pricing scales as you grow and is fully transparent. View plans and pricing.

Get started with a 14 day free trial

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