Understand customers' online purchase behavior and use the power of predictive analytics in MailChimp!

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  • Developer
    Lister Technologies (P) Ltd.
  • Last Updated
    June 2017

Have you ever thought How customers buy products online? More importantly Why?

Greyferret answers the burning ecommerce marketing question - "How do customers buy and how can you make them buy more?"

Greyferret Features * Historical customer online behavior - What They bought? When? and for How Much? * Predictive Analytics - When are customers likely to buy next? What are they going to buy next? * MailChimp Integration - Customer Segments, Product Recommendations and Marketing Intelligence available for use with your MailChimp powered email campaigns! * Customer Retention? - Up like never before! * Up Sell and Cross Sell? - More hit rate than you can imagine!

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Custom Segments
Customer Lifecycle Grid
Predictive Cross Selling
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