Gumroad Integration

Manage MailChimp subscribers when they buy your Gumroad products.

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    March 2018
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Capture customers with newsletters

Zapier makes it easy to send the emails of the people buying your products in Gumroad to any of your MailChimp lists, or unsubscribe them from non-customer marketing list in response to a sale.

Need even more control?

  • Combine actions with Multi-Step Zaps to create powerful automated workflows, like subscribing new Gumroad customers to one list and unsubscribing them from another in one go.
  • Use MailChimp Search Actions to look for subscribers to match new Gumroad sales, updating their information with buyer information or creating them if they don’t already exist. Alternatively, set up automated list management by searching across all your lists to find where they already exist so you can add or remove them on others.

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    In response to Alia's review: Currently, when building a Zap you can specify if you would like to overwrite groups or add to existiong ones. Please take a look at "Advanced options" when creating your zap.

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with MailChimp, Gumroad or Zapier.



    New users are reliably added, to a (pre-created) group.

    The problem here is that

    1. To add existing users, Zapier will overwrite existing groups. One must send the purchaser to a special group with only one choice--the current purchase.

    For example, you have a Group called Books. Each book you sell has its own separate sub-group within Books.

    Now take an existing subscriber who has already bought a couple of books--hence they are already in several of the Books subgroups. They buy a new book via GR. When Zapier sends their purchase to the subgroup, it will DELETE this purchaser from ALL of the other subgroups in Books (groups outside of Books are fine).

    This is a big problem. It means one must have a completely separate Group with only 1 subgroup for each and every product.

    1. The purchase is not recorded as a purchase--NO purchase details (such as price paid, date of purchase, product name, etc) are included. So no later segmenting by purchase.

    2. I dislike Zapier. They seem a bit predatory and I don't want them in the middle of everything I do.

    Suggestion: Add gumroad to ecommerce 360, which works perfectly.