IgnitionDeck Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding for WordPress, integrated with Paypal and MailChimp out of the box. Raise money your way with IgnitionDeck.

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  • Developer
    Virtuous Giant (for IgnitionDeck)
  • Last Updated
    September 2015

IgnitionDeck is a DIY crowdfunding plugin for WordPress that enables users to bypass the middle man and raise money on their terms.

Sell as many products as you want, set custom goals and price levels, and choose your own rewards.

IgnitionDeck is integrated with MailChimp and Paypal to seamlessly take payments and add buyers to your email lists.

Professional design, social integrations, and customizations options. Learn more at IgnitionDeck.com

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Easily add donors and buyers to your Mailchimp email lists.
Using IgnitionDeck Enterprise, your members can add all donors to their projects to their very own Mailchimp mailing lists.


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