Customer loyalty & staff rewards platform that integrates with MailChimp to share contact and subscription information

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    incentivesmart Ltd
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    September 2015
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incentivebank's sophisticated points banking platform integrated with MailChimp's powerful email communications give your business the results and returns you crave from your loyalty and reward programmes.

When customers and employees feel valued they’re more engaged. incentivebank™ recognises and rewards achievement in a tangible, meaningful way, so everyone knows they are appreciated. incentivebank™ is the leading online points loyalty system that lets your business reward, track & motivate your staff, customers and suppliers.

Link your incentivebank account to a specific MailChimp List and Campaign Folder and keep all of your contacts and subscriptions syncronised and view mail performance reports directly from your incentivebank dashboard. Add reward points balances, pending points and customer specific information directly into your MailChimp emails.

NEW RELEASE You can now add, filter and search multiple campaign folders per incentivebank scheme.

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incentivebank has a beautiful, customisable user interface.
Enjoy powerful reporting and analytics


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    The integration between our dealer loyalty programme and MailChimp has made it clear and easy to see all our incentive email campaign results directly in my incentivebank control panel and share them with our marketing team and Area Sales Managers. A great addition to incentivebank, thanks!