Insightly MailChimp Integration

Insightly is the easiest CRM solution to use for managing deep customer relationships which integrates with MailChimp.

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With Insightly's MailChimp Integration, effortlessly send email marketing campaigns to generate demand or connect with your customers.

Insightly allows you to send one to one emails to communicate with your qualified leads, while MailChimp allows you to market to your customer base through email marketing campaigns. With Insightly’s improved MailChimp integration, users can ensure that they are including contacts in the appropriate email campaigns, know about what emails have been sent to the contact and can generate more leads through prospecting email campaigns. All of your lists, segments, and contacts can be seamlessly imported and exported between solutions.

And, for customers on Insightly's Plus plan and above, they can schedule when contacts are automatically imported into Insightly.

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    The integration takes the hassle out of campaigning!



    The integration doesn't work anymore, we need you to fix it. Please, it was so useful! Thank you in advance! Regards!



    I am having the same issue as Lisa and so I will be following here to see the resolution. Thanks.



    I used the Insightly integration and it does NOT work. Insightly tells me the problem is on MailChimp's side. The only way I can export to MailChimp is to create a csv file which is an extra step that the integration is supposed to eliminate. According to Insightly helpdesk: "The main issue is the Mailchimp notices regarding unsubscribe, bounce, or compliance reviews. Since I imported into a brand new, empty list, I didn't have that issue. The developer suspects that the API that Mailchimp gives us to import the records has stricter specifications on importing into lists with existing records. We tried to contact Mailchimp but they haven't responded."

    Al Simmons Public Speaking,


    Step 0. Locating my APIKEYS



    The integration basically made it easy to export Insightly contacts to MailChimp, which works nicely for First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. While I don't have the same beef as others (more columns), I do have a big concern... The main point of any CRM is to track/show the entirety of the relationship with the contact. Unfortunately, this integration doesn't cause emails sent through MailChimp to be linked, logged, or otherwise tracked in the history of each Insightly contact. Disappointed.



    Completely agree with the comments below. Nearly every time I've tried to import from mailchimp to insightly it fails. I end up having to export to csv, alter it, then upload to insightly. Not really much point of having this feature if it doesn't work.



    We are a long way down the line since this integration was announced. In my opinion it was over-sold by Insightly (if you at the list of integrations within mailchimp) - but as Nate said - is this insightly or mailchimp's problem?



    We also cannot do much with this integration if we can't import more contact attributes from Insightly.



    As below, further columns are a must!



    Is there any update on being able to add extra fields/columns. We would need an organisation name for example.



    I have the same problem as Eva. Is this your problem or Insightly's? In either case, it's not nearly as useful as it could be.



    It was easy to import mail address, first name and last name. Unfortunately it is not possible to import other fields from insightly, I really need. I would like to use those imported additional information as extra columns with merge tags. At the moment I have to edit every single contact. Neither is it possible to edit the contacts in the list view. That's quite a lot of extra clicks and time :(