instaFreebie for MailChimp

Simple giveaway tool to share content and build audience.

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    July 2015

instaFreebie integration with MailChimp allows newly gained subscribers to be automatically synced to your current mailing list on MailChimp.

Set up an instaFreebie Plus account. Add your first book, ePub, or content.

Create a giveaway campaign and start sharing it through Social Media, with Friends, with followers.

Once you have integrated instaFreebie with MailChimp, subscribers can opt-in to your mailing list freely. It is their choice.

You may choose the list subscribers are added to on MailChimp. New subscribers will automatically be added to your list on MailChimp. Data on the number of downloads, and opt ins will be visible on instaFreebie. A check box will verify users were synced to MailChimp.

You may change the list subscribers are updated to at any time. You may also remove instaFreebie integration at anytime.

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Login to instaFreebie and go to your Settings page. Click on Mailchimp Integrations.
Click Connect to Mailchimp. Click Connect again.
Connect instaFreebie with Mailchimp by submitting your Mailchimp login information.
Now you can see all the lists connected to your Mailchimp account. Select the list you would like instaFreebie to add new subscribers to.


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