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InstaChimp is a free web app that connects your Instagram and MailChimp accounts so you can easily share favorite photos

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If you're an Instagram user, you already know how fun it is to take and share great pictures. InstaChimp allows you to share your photos with people even if they're not on Instagram. Use InstaChimp's templates to create simple newsletters and showcase your best shots.

Whether you're a store owner seeking to showcase some new products, a musician sending out pictures of your latest gig to fans, or you just want to share interesting photos with your friends and family, InstaChimp makes it easy. Pick your best pix, add some text and show them what's new in your world.

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Some of examples of what you can create with InstaChimp
Choose yer template
Easy sign-up, cute hat.
Drag and drop your Instagram photos into the template


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    This integration seems to be down. I only get an "application error".



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