Membership Management

New members will automatically sync from Join It to MailChimp - taking the manual process out of this tedious task!

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    Join It
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    July 2017

Simple Member Management

With Join It's integration of MailChimp, your membership database will never be out of sync with your newsletters.

It's our mission to make managing your members directory as easy as possible, so Join It offers simple and intuitive recurring billing and member tracking. So, we integrated MailChimp to make sure your membership database is never out of sync with your communication and email marketing.

Once you connect your MailChimp account, your able to select which list you want Members to be synced to upon purchase of membership.

Less hassle for you

With this integration, you'll no longer have to worry about manual updates and de-duping between your membership list and email marketing efforts.

Easy to use

The integration can be configured in just a few simple steps, so you can quickly set it and forget it.

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Membership Database
Membership Database


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