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Zapier is the easiest way to manage MailChimp subscribers through JotForm submissions.

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    March 2018
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New Submission, New Subscriber

Zapier’s MailChimp-JotFrom integration lets you automatically subscribe and unsubscribe MailChimp list members when you receive a new form submission through connections called Zaps.

Need even more control?

  • Combine actions with Multi-Step Zaps to create powerful automated workflows, like subscribing new members to one list and unsubscribing them from another when you receive a new JotForm submission.
  • Use MailChimp Search Actions to look for subscribers that match new emails received from new JotForm submissions, updating their information with form details or creating them if they don’t already exist. Alternatively, set up automated list management by searching across all your lists to find where submitters already exist so you can add or remove them on other lists.

Try it out now:

Looking for something else? Explore other MailChimp-JotForm integrations or set up your own custom Zap with no programming skill required!

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    Only try to use this Zapier thing if you're computer literate. If you're 50 or older, don't even try. Language and graphics are alien, though customer service is willing to "walk you through it," I had to give up and accept the tedium of entering each new submission to MailChimp manually. Hey, software geniuses, newsflash! Not everyone is 20-something and can remember when touch tone phones were the new thing!



    Great app!