Bidirectional transparent integration/synchronization/bridge of WordPress plugin S2Member with MailChimp

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  • Developer
    Krum Cheshmedjiev
  • Last Updated
    April 2015

Do you need a tool to make sure your MailChimp® list and your s2Member® list are synchronized? Do you want to make sure that any change by the user on his MailChimp® account is automatically changed in your s2Member® one too? Do you want to let users register through a MailChimp® sign up form and automatically be added to your s2Member® list?

"KC bidirectional integration of s2Member® with MailChimp®" (or just "KC S2M+MC") does exactly what it says, literally. You just have to set your MailChimp® account and fill the necessary fields in your s2Member® admin panel. Then install the KC S2M+MC plugin. It will keep your lists synchronized with your site’s members.

S2Member® is a great plugin. MailChimp® is a great service too. But they can not "communicate" very well without this plugin. In fact, you would need to manually check and edit your lists to synchronize them, which is not effective and not fun at all. And missing one member or one user could mean loss of sales. This won’t be necessary anymore.

The plugin will also detect if you don’t have s2Member® installed or if you haven’t entered your MailChimp® API key, or did not set (or change) your lists, or if you reinstall s2Member® and so on. It monitors for your activity and when you have done all the proper settings, it will run and do its synchronizing jobs. Once installed, it is a silent and trustworthy worker.

Another GREAT advantage of this plugin is that you can use the MailChimp® signup embed forms or link forms anywhere and it will still recognize that the list is associated with your s2Member® installation. It means you can use the embed code or the link code on a totally different site, in your signature in forums, or even in your emails, and it will still communicate with s2Member® and create an account there if a new member joins through your MailChimp® forms.

This is a minimalistic version. There exist two commercial versions: Basic and Pro, with more features. For more info please go to http://krumch.com/kc-s2m-mc/. Also there you will find much better description of plugin features.

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