Import event data about the people who saw, opened, and clicked through your MailChimp email campaigns.

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    February 2016
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We help you get to know your people.

The basic unit in KISSmetrics is a person. When you view your KISSmetrics reports they show you people, not just aggregate data.

Have a big customer that came to your site and is using your product? KISSmetrics will help you see everything they did before and after they signed up. Use this knowledge to give them the best service and learn how to get more people like them.

Get engineering, product, sales, marketing and customer support working together to improve the metrics that matter for the life blood of your business: your people.

Understand each of your customers without logging into multiple products. Get actionable insights in your analytics tool and say goodbye to vanity metrics like Page Views, Bounce Rate and Time on Site.

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    Most of our emails are sent via MailChimp AutoResponders and they are unfortunately not imported into KISSmetrics :-(