Kitomba Salon Software MailChimp Integration

Send out targeted e-mail marketing campaigns to your clients with MailChimp and Kitomba.

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    January 2016

Here at Kitomba, we love using MailChimp! We even use it for our own newsletters and email campaigns. In fact, it’s so good that we decided to integrate it with Kitomba One. Kitomba One and MailChimp compliment each other perfectly to give you the very best in features and functionality to reach out to clients where they are everyday – their inbox.

MailChimp is the best e-mail marketing platform boasting more than 10 million users! It lets you design and send beautiful email campaigns, and keep a close eye on your results.

Combined with Kitomba One’s powerful client filters and the flexibility of being able to create client lists and send emails from absolutely anywhere – you've got the perfect solution!

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