Combine your MailChimp data with your other KPIs to monitor the performance of your business at a glance.

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    May 2015


Klipfolio Dashboard allows you to unite all of your marketing numbers in one place to create powerful, compelling data dashboards. The Klipfolio-MailChimp integration allows you to combine your key email marketing metrics with data from other services. For example, you can combine your web analytics and CRM programs to get a comprehensive view of your online marketing performance.

This integration offers key benefits to Klipfolio and MailChimp users, including: - The ability to combine multiple data sources to generate unique insights - Clean, compelling visualizations that surface insights to your entire team - Display campaign metrics alongside all of your marketing data to get the complete picture of your marketing performance.

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Monitor your KPIs from any devices, any time.
Keep track of your e-mail marketing performance at a glance.
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