LeadDyno Referral Tracking

LeadDyno helps you setup a referral program, and sync your new opt-in contacts with your MailChimp list(s).

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Setup a referral program for your online product in minutes with LeadDyno. Here's how it works...

  • You provide your customers and partners with a unique referral link.

  • They refer their colleagues and friends to your website.

  • Their friends opt-in to your newsletter, and are automatically added to your email list (via the LeadDyno-MailChimp integration).

  • When these contacts purchase from you, LeadDyno will calculate a reward for your referrer.

  • You can pay these rewards to your referrers automatically, or at the end of each month.

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    Brett Owens


    I use LeadDyno to manage our referral program, as well as our Google Adwords campaign.

    We then port the leads into MailChimp for our customer email newsletter.

    The integration is seamless, works great!