Less Annoying CRM MailChimp Integration

Syncs contacts in Less Annoying CRM Groups with MailChimp Lists and logs campaigns in the CRM

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    Less Annoying CRM
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    December 2017

Less Annoying CRM's MailChimp integration allows you to connect your CRM account to your MailChimp account. When you add a contact to a synced group in Less Annoying CRM, that contact will be automatically added to the linked List in MailChimp. The opposite is also true, which is great for using subscription forms, allowing you to enter those contacts directly into your CRM so you can have an immediate log of their contact information and history.

Changes to contacts in a list (such as an updated email address) will also be synced from the CRM to your MailChimp List. Only changes to email addresses made in MailChimp will sync to Less Annoying CRM in order to prevent accidental loss of contact information.

When you send a campaign to members in a synced list in MailChimp, a record of that campaign will be logged in the CRM. This will be displayed on your CRM Dashboard with a small MailChimp logo, and you can also look it up on the profiles of each contact that was a part of that campaign. You can even open the email and see the text of the message.

The sync for any group can be edited at any time, and the sync itself can be deactivated quickly and easily.

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Less Annoying CRM integration with MailChimp Lists
Viewing a logged campaign from a CRM contact record


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