LightSpeed Retail MailChimp Integration

Seamlessly two-way sync customer contact information between LightSpeed and MailChimp.

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    LightSpeed Retail
  • Last Updated
    June 2014
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LightSpeed customers can ensure that their customer contact information stored in LightSpeed is instantly and seamlessly synced with MailChimp. The integration between LightSpeed and MailChimp is two-way, meaning: * Any new contact information or changes to contact information stored in LightSpeed will be automatically updated in MailChimp * Any customers who unsubscribe in MailChimp will have their LightSpeed email marketing preferences updated

LightSpeed’s MailChimp integration allows merchants to maintain their email contact database in their point-of-sale rather than having to maintain both a LightSpeed database and a MailChimp mailing list.


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    To be able to email information to our customer base. I don't know if the integration is working because of Lightspeed problems, but I can't find a list anywhere on the site