Gain new subscribers from live chat. Allow website visitors to provide their contact data before the chat starts.

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  • Developer
    LiveChat, Inc.
  • Last Updated
    February 2016

LiveChat - MailChimp integration turns your live chat window into signup form for your mailing list.

Each website visitor starting the live chat will be able to confirm his interest in receiving email communication from you: newsletters, product tips and other notifications via email. His name and email address will be added to MailChimp and can be later used to send newsletters and auto responders.

Discover the true power of the integration by creating the auto responders that will be sent after the live chat ends with a follow up, for example with a coupon code or a survey about customer service, etc. - this way customer experience on your website will be even better!

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Chat window with MailChimp integration enabled is ready to add new subscribers
Integration adds an email field to the pre-chat. Opt-in confirmation is required.
LiveChat gives business owners ability to start chats with website visitors
LiveChat gives you insights into chat statistics and agent efficiency


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