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Segment your contacts in Lynkos CRM and generate e-mail campaigns.

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    August 2014

Use Lynkos CRM together with MailChimp in order to make email marketing actions in just a few clicks.

In Lynkos CRM you can segment your contacts by different criteria, and export them to MailChimp to generate e-mail campaigns. For example, select all your contacts that you havenĀ“t sold one product and send them a product catalog.

1) Segments your contacts in Lynkos CRM: Lynkos CRM has several filterts in your contact list. Filter by product, date, tags, and so on.

2) Export them to MailChimp: Select the contacts you want, and export them to you MailChimp contacts lists in one click!

3) Generate e-mail campaigns in MailChimp: Go to your MailChimp account and generate and email campaing using those lists

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