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Bring together your Magento & MailChimp data to create powerful marketing campaigns to grew your online store.

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    February 2015

Relax you have all your automated marketing campaigns covered

Save time and optimize each interaction occurring on your online store by creating automated marketing campaigns using Moco Insight and MailChimp.

On installation Moco Insight will add over 30 fields to your MailChimp list so you can build a series of automated campaigns. Fields include lifetime value, last purchased date, abandoned cart, wishlist updated and many more.

Using Moco Insight means you can create automated campaigns like your 'Welcome Series', "Abandoned Cart' 'Thanks for updating your wishlist', 'Win Back Lapsed Customers' and 'Thanks for purchasing'.

Moco Insight will you piece of mind as you will be maximising all lead generation opportunities.

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Say goodbye to bulk email blasting!

Moco Insight combines all your MailChimp and Magento data into the one platform so you can create an unlimited number of customer segments using all their purchase history.

Simply add your MailChimp list ID into Moco Insight and we will automatically download all your subscribers and your current list customer segments.

Once download you can use over 200 filters to create new customer segments and upload them into your MailChimp list straight from Moco Insight.

With all your customer data at your fingers tips you can now create marketing campaigns that are personalized for each customer. Say goodbye to email blasting!

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Easy 4 step installation - no IT support required

With a super easy set up you will be creating new campaigns in no time. All you need is a web browser, a Magento store, a MailChimp account and five minutes.

Sign up today for your 14 day trial and watch your online store grow!

Fantastic partner program

Moco Insight has an awesome Partner Program as we realise how important you are to us.

Click here for more information on our Partner Program. Or email partners@mocoinsight and let's have a chat.

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