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Connect Magento to MailChimp: Personalize and Automate 1:1 Messaging Based on Customer Behavior to Increase Repeat Sales

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    October 2016
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Unlock your eCommerce Data for Effective Email Marketing

Connect Magento to MailChimp; Automate one-to-one messaging based on predicted behavior and increase repeat sales 10%.

With Windsor Circle, you get Better Segmentation, Instantly, so you can Grow Customer Value!

Simply use your API keys from Magento and your MailChimp account to unlock all of your customer purchase history, get ongoing analysis of your retail data, and implement incredibly effective one-time and triggered email campaigns using intelligent segmentation.

Download the MyBinding case study to see how this Magento merchant used Windsor Circle and MailChimp to drive a 3.5x increase in email opens and a 4.3x rise in clicks.


Get direct access to purchase history, product information, and behavioral and customer scoring data imported to 30 merge fields for MailChimp users and up to 80 merge fields for MailChimp Pro users in your MailChimp account (MailChimp |MERGE| tags). Clearly named fields, like WCFirstOrderDate and WCSpend_Actual, with cleaned, uniform data, make it incredibly easy to set up personalized and triggered emails.


Windsor Circle's eCommerce to MailChimp integration instantly creates and automatically updates custom-built segments as new Groups and Lists directly in MailChimp, including Best Customers, Churning Customers, Big Tickets, Biggest Spenders, Frequent Buyers, and more!

These lists are updated on a nightly basis using "RFM Analysis", whereby your entire customer list is continually scored by Recency of purchase, Frequency of purchases, and Monetary Value of all purchases. Groups and Lists are clearly named, like WC Biggest Spenders, WC Churning Customers, and WC Most Frequent Buyers.

Learn more about our advanced customer segmentation abilities here.


With absolutely no data exports, number crunching, or spreadsheet manipulation, you'll be able to set up one-time segmented emails, and automated email campaigns to target the right customers, at the right time, with the right message - and even be able to include merge tags that personalize emails with recently purchased product information, images of related items, and more!

Learn more about our customer retention platform and how it can help offset the costs of customer acquisition.


Our eCommerce Analytics software arms retailers with the data and reports they need to make smart decisions and power predictive marketing campaigns. Windsor Circle conducts rigorous historical analysis on eCommerce data to quickly identify customer trends, cohort patterns, and industry benchmarks. Your Windsor Circle account gets you over 50 charts, graphs and reports, including Lifetime Value by Number of Purchases, Median and Average Days Between Purchases, Coupon Value and Use Over Time, Average Order Value by Segment, and more.

We help you turn observations into action by using this data to predict your customers’ future purchasing patterns and triggering automated, personalized marketing campaigns based on each individual customer so that you can double your repeat buyers! Learn more about our predictive marketing features here.


Our comprehensive suite of services powers predictive, personalized, and automated marketing programs through the entire lifecycle, including browse abandonment, cart recovery, post-purchase, product replenishment, loyalty, and win-back campaigns. Download this product booklet to learn more about Windsor Circle’s platform


Our subscription software is priced to ensure that you see fantastic ROI for your data-driven email campaigns. Windsor Circle clients see an average 10x ROI and 12% lift in retention rates after 12 months on our platform.


Our team works with each new client to establish a guaranteed timeline to integration. Through enterprise grade, cost effective pre-built APIs, plugins, extensions, or custom data feeds, our software seamlessly integrates customer purchase history & transactional data from Magento and pushes this information into MailChimp to power data-driven digital marketing solutions.

Feel free to contact our team directly if you'd like to learn more: (877) 848-4113 or


Want more information on making the most out of your MailChimp experience? Visit our resources page to download our FREE Playbooks & Guides that include step-by-step instructions on how to set up automated email campaigns, such as Welcome Series, Post Purchase Thank You Series, Best Customer Rewards, and Win-Back campaigns.

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Purchase History in Custom MailChimp Merge Fields
Windsor Circle eCommerce Analytics
Integrates Directly with MailChimp with your eCommerce Platform
Advanced Segmentation


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    Andrew Zinny


    I was initially looking for an app to sync my subscriber/customer list in Magento to MailChimp, and when I found this Windsor Circle app, I was blown away by how much more I could be doing.

    It imports more than just email addresses. I get purchase history (like last order date), customer segments (best customer vs. "churning" customers), and product data. This is super helpful because you can then set up triggered emails based on purchase history - for example, "thanks for purchasing, welcome aboard", or "we miss you" - 60 days after a last purchase.

    Highly recommend (unless you are competing with my online store then use something else ;)

    1. Zinny

    Pod Skincare


    Windsor Circle has completely changed my email marketing campaigns.

    I have also got enormous insight to my customers. It has allowed me to communicate with them in ways that is personal and relevant to them as consumers.

    Rather than just sending out emails and hoping for the best I have been able to target my emails to their needs which has seen my open, click, and close rates improve.

    The open rates and click rates are well into the double digits. The conversion rate in the high teens.

    Not only have I got a lot of feedback and guidance on my email marketing techniques (which was an added bonus!)These guys have gone over and beyond to make this work.

    I previously thought I was sending out email marketing campaigns. Now I know I am.

    Eric Boggs


    Windsor Cirle is a must-have for online retailers. More comprehensive contact data from Magento enables smarter segmentation in MailChimp...which enables more revenue! Highly recommend this app.

    Emily Wilkins


    Extremely professional and easy to work with. I highly recommend!