Mailchimp for cs-cart

This addon provides integration between your cs-cart shopping cart and the email marketing system.

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    EZ Merchant Solutions
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    May 2013
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This addon provides integration between your shopping cart and the email marketing system.

With MailChimp for cs-cart users can: - export existing customers, users, subscribers and ecommerce information to MailChimp. - add new customers to specific MailChimp mailing lists as they purchase products from your store. - add a subscriber block that can be displayed via the block manager. - define separate lists for categories, products and/or the list that all customers will be added to when their orders are placed. - Allow customers to subscribe to your newsletters during the checkout process.

Once setup and configured, operation is completely automatic. The checkout process will be slowed slightly due to the time it might take to interact with the MailChimp servers. However, this time should generally be minimal but may vary based on your hosting provider as well as the load on the MailChimp servers.

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    Floris van Onna

    - 07/02/2012

    Fantastic add-on. Works exactly as promised and super easy to install.