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See precisely what individuals do on your website when they click through MailChimp and send the best leads to your CRM

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Leadfeeder is an online lead generation service that plugs into Google Analytics to show you what real people and companies are doing silently on your website.

Leadfeeder’s MailChimp integration enables you to see what web pages real people look at on your website and when they do it. Once you’ve integrated MailChimp with Leadfeeder you will see a list of people (names and emails) who have clicked through from one of your MailChimp email campaigns and see exactly what they have done in the website. You’ll see when they clicked and how long they spent on different web pages.

All you need to do to get started from the MailChimp side is ensure you have Google Analytics link tracking checked in MailChimp. In Leadfeeder just head to your settings and connect MailChimp or if you’re not yet a Leadfeeder user sign up for a free 30-day trial.

When you see an interesting individual you can choose to view everything that person has done on your website, via recent and historic campaigns. You can see a full history of a person’s activity even if they’ve been connected to different networks while browsing your website. The integration enables you to better qualify your sales leads by knowing what they’re interested in. It also enables you to improve your support to existing customers.

Using our in-app LinkedIn connection you can quickly and easily find out even more important info about your prospect. You can even be alerted by customizable daily email whenever a person clicks through one of your email campaigns and starts browsing your website.

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    Great tool to increase the quality of my Mailchimp data. Leadfeeder shows what people do after they've first clicked. Very simple to setup.



    Gives me an understanding of what visitors do in my website & makes it easier to identify the hottest leads.